Upcycling Goodness

According to Food Bank food wastage costs the economy around $36.6 billion or $2,500 per household per year. The amount of water that is used to grow food (that is ultimately wasted) is equivalent to the volume of water in five Sydney Harbours!!

Cauliflowers are one of the most wasted vegetable crops in Australia. The non-saleable part of the cauliflower that is wasted equates to 65%.  Following this, approximately only 71% of the saleable crop may be marketed as premium, with the rest being wasted. This equates to $19.6M of wasted produce per year! 

We source our Cauliflowers from a variety of Aussie farmers who provide us with both regular and organic cauliflowers, which are rejected by major supermarkets - due to their looks, size, and colour.

Due to the supply, availability, and waste volumes we receive from our growers we cannot claim that all cauliflowers are organic. However, we ensure that the farmers we collaborate with (who are not organic growers) use sustainable practices. Once we receive the cauliflowers, we thoroughly clean them in a natural cleanser (salt water/ vinegar) to remove any residues from the surface.

Our cauliflowers are par boiled (to help soften them) and blended so they can be used in our cracker batter. Boiling is a gentle cooking method that preserves the overall nutrient content of cauliflower.